I made this for a poster contest in my country ^^
There were a lot of amazing posters ( I didn’t won but I was finalist) and the winner is absolutely adorable and cute and deserves the price.

I’ve been drawing for 12h , my butt hurts

I wanna reblog stuff but i’m actually too shy  to do it



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Kind reminder that this giveaway will end tomorrow! There will be a total of 25 Diancies given away rather than just 5. Good luck guys!
I made this for a challange , i had to draw my favorite food , so I made chocolate  

new name

Now i’m cute ò^ó


wolves of the north -inspired yumikuri

sooooo cute >///<
I wanted to practise drawing with pen >-< it is so difficult because I can’t erase it ;__; aaaaand I saw this [ http://abbydraws.tumblr.com/post/89551527635/i-personally-think-kairi-looks-good-in-soras   ] in a friend’s tumblr and I wanted to draw it because it’s soooooooooo cute >///<
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